Day 15. Lunches.

Day 15. Lunches.

Day 15. Lunches. 2560 1440 Beth Behrendt

Packing lunches with the big boys has been less of a challenge than I expected.  It’s actually kind of fun to try out new things and talk about what is healthy and why (and what they like and why not!).  And — when compared to my previous M.O. of handing them some money and hoping for the best — I feel more comfortable with how they are recharging their minds and bodies mid-day.

Here’s what they took for lunch yesterday.

lunch m

9 y.o. (this includes whatever he wants to eat for AM snack time, as well:

  • organic string cheese
  • whole wheat pretzels
  • Triscuits
  • organic fruit strip
  • organic mixed berries
  • whole wheat brownies
  • homemade chocolate whole milk

12 y.o.

  • apple
  • whole wheat brownies
  • Kettle Bakes Salt & Vinegar chips
  • turkey and swiss sandwich on homemade whole wheat bread
    • organic lettuce, Spectrum Organics mayo, Swissland local swiss cheese, Plainville Farms sliced turkey breast (humanely raised, antibiotic free)
  • H2O (not pictured)

j lunch

I know that they frequently get other “treats” at school because of parties, rewards from teachers, or just the happy circumstance of finding some loose change in a pocket at lunchtime.  As long as I know that this healthy stuff is providing most of their diet, I’m fine with occasional little treats!

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