Reintroducing Myself.

Reintroducing Myself. 1000 664 Beth Behrendt

Hi there! I’m Beth Behrendt (rhymes with “parent”). I’m a writer, mom of three boys, and nester. (“What’s a nester?” you ask? More on that below.) The “writer” part— I’ve been…

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Christmas at the Nest

Christmas at the Nest 1024 627 Beth Behrendt

Revisiting “A Very Nesting Christmas” With holiday season upon us once again I wanted to share an article* I wrote two years ago about our family’s rather unique—yet also oh-so-very-common—celebration…

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Missing My Dad

Missing My Dad 500 512 Beth Behrendt

Missing My Dad Last week we celebrated my dad’s 76thbirthday. Without him. He passed away in November 2016 from a recurrence of the leukemia he’d beaten a few years earlier.…

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Maybe Soup will Help – Dad

Maybe Soup will Help – Dad 2448 3263 Beth Behrendt

Maybe Soup will Help – Dad My dad died unexpectedly a few months ago. He was a secure anchor in our lives and we’re all still somewhat adrift in the…

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TV. Party. Food.

TV. Party. Food. 2560 1707 Beth Behrendt
Super Bowl. Grammys. Oscars. ACC Championship (Go Tarheels!) — this time of year brings tons of TV-related social events. read more

San Diego

San Diego 2448 3264 Beth Behrendt

Almost spring here in the great Midwest! But, some days…. not so much. It was 32 degrees and snowy just yesterday. It’s APRIL 11TH, for goodness’ sakes! So … seemed…

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Last Minute Thanksgiving Ideas.

Last Minute Thanksgiving Ideas. 1707 2560 Beth Behrendt
Need an idea TODAY for something to contribute to the Thanksgiving Feast TOMORROW? Here are some! read more

Taco Night!

Taco Night! 2560 1707 Beth Behrendt
Everybody does Taco Night at their house, right? No big deal. Super popular with the kids. read more

A few days in the life..

A few days in the life.. 2560 1774 Beth Behrendt
… of us. I am really trying to be better about making real dinners for the boys.It’s super important to me that we have regular time together that does NOT involve homework, technology, driving around in the car, or sitting in bleachers. read more

Real Christmas — Redux

Real Christmas — Redux 2281 2986 Beth Behrendt
Understandably, holiday traditions may take a bit of a hit when a family goes through divorce. It was very important to Bill and me — this being our first holiday in our “new normal… read more

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