Nesting Isn’t Just for Sitcoms & Celebrities

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Nesting Isn’t Just for Sitcoms & Celebrities

Nesting Isn’t Just for Sitcoms & Celebrities 1400 1400 Beth Behrendt

Nesting Isn’t Just For Sitcoms & Celebrities

Whether it’s how we find partners, commit to partners, or not only commit to one partner, navigating today’s ever-changing landscape of relationships can be anything from overwhelming to exhilarating. Trends seem to constantly be emerging that free people to date on demand, marry later and even forego marriage altogether. However, what’s not as readily explored are alternative ways to end unhappily ever after. Perhaps this is because divorce still bares with it a stigma which keeps couples defensive and resigned, on a bullet train headed for the worst.

As a result, when it comes to divorce, families rarely give themselves permission to creatively reimagine what co-parenting could look like and as a result never pursue the road less traveled. Freelance writer and Founder of, an online community focusing on the well-being of the children during a divorce, Beth Behrendt is one of the rare birds who chose to do it her way.

At 5:30, she joins Chelsea to talk about what giving children custody of the family home looks like, the reason her and her ex-husband decided to see if bird nesting could work for them—a living arrangement and paradigm, mind you, associated with celebrities like Josh Lucas and most recently played out on the sitcom, Splitting Up Together, and opens up about how nesting has enabled her, if not encouraged her, to nurture a relationship with her ex-husband rather than fall into the more expected pattern between ex’s, that of passive engagement.

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