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Nesting Isn’t Just for Sitcoms & Celebrities

Nesting Isn’t Just for Sitcoms & Celebrities 1400 1400 Beth Behrendt

Whether it’s how we find partners, commit to partners…navigating today’s ever-changing landscape of relationships can be anything from overwhelming to exhilarating.

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Yes, My Three Children Were Planned

Yes, My Three Children Were Planned 2448 3264 Beth Behrendt

(And What Life Taught Me About Planning.) My three boys were all born while we lived in Washington, DC, where – at least in the group of two-career professional couples…

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My Packing Routine

My Packing Routine 280 424 Beth Behrendt

My Packing Routine Yes, nesting means you don’t have to keep track of all your kids’ stuff as they move back and forth between their parents’ two houses. (Yay!) But…

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Missing My Dad

Missing My Dad 500 512 Beth Behrendt

Missing My Dad Last week we celebrated my dad’s 76thbirthday. Without him. He passed away in November 2016 from a recurrence of the leukemia he’d beaten a few years earlier.…

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The Evolution of Where (and How) We Live

The Evolution of Where (and How) We Live 4288 2848 Beth Behrendt

Divorced Family Nesting. Simply put, nesting means the kids stay in the family home after a divorce – it’s the parents who move in and out to take care of…

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Me? A Writer?

Me? A Writer? 3985 2321 Beth Behrendt

Me? A Writer? Sure, I’ve been writing my whole life. Who hasn’t? School assignments, college applications, work emails. But, unlike most people, I really liked it. I was thrilled with any…

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Maybe Soup will Help – Dad

Maybe Soup will Help – Dad 2448 3263 Beth Behrendt

Maybe Soup will Help – Dad My dad died unexpectedly a few months ago. He was a secure anchor in our lives and we’re all still somewhat adrift in the…

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TV. Party. Food.

TV. Party. Food. 2560 1707 Beth Behrendt

Super Bowl. Grammys. Oscars. ACC Championship (Go Tarheels!) — this time of year brings tons of TV-related social events.

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San Diego

San Diego 2448 3264 Beth Behrendt

Almost spring here in the great Midwest! But, some days…. not so much. It was 32 degrees and snowy just yesterday. It’s APRIL 11TH, for goodness’ sakes! So … seemed…

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Last Minute Thanksgiving Ideas.

Last Minute Thanksgiving Ideas. 1707 2560 Beth Behrendt

Need an idea TODAY for something to contribute to the Thanksgiving Feast TOMORROW? Here are some!

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