Day 4. Saturday.

Day 4. Saturday. 2560 1823 Beth Behrendt
One big disappointment today:  I had some unexpected kid stuff come up Saturday morning (why don’t they ever put myneeds first?).   So I missed the Fort Wayne Farmers Market completely. read more

Day 3 “gravy” and pizza, oh my!

Day 3 “gravy” and pizza, oh my! 1180 2560 Beth Behrendt
[I can stop saying “organic”, “local”, “free range”, “all natural”, etc.  in front of everything, right?  Just assume that’s the case unless I point out otherwise.] For breakfast we all tried these ak-mak crackers (mainly because they are fun to say, but also to see if anyone likes them). read more

Day 2 AND a restaurant report.

Day 2 AND a restaurant report. 2560 1707 Beth Behrendt
Last evening rocked— primarily because I was not in the kitchen!   I didn’t even see or hear a child from 6:30 until I went to bed (at the late night partyin’ hour of 10:30 — I’m like a rockstar). read more

Day 1.

Day 1. 2560 1707 Beth Behrendt
Yesterday was a crazy day— not only because it was our first day of 100% Real Food — all three boys were home sick.  All of them had been up most of the night coughing or struggling to breathe. read more

Day 2.

Day 2. 1920 2560 Beth Behrendt
I haven’t take any pics today.  Bill is in charge of dinner tonight. read more

The What. The Who. The Why.

The What. The Who. The Why. 2560 1707 Beth Behrendt

Coming Soon

Coming Soon 2560 1709 Beth Behrendt
Starting May 1, 2013, our family of five living in Fort Wayne, Indiana will commit to 5 WEEKS of eating Real Food. read more

Day 13. Day 14. Dinners.

Day 13. Day 14. Dinners. 2560 1708 Beth Behrendt
Still chilly here in Fort Wayne, so how about roast chicken and mashed potatoes? With gravy (made with whole wheat flour), salad, and green beans.   read more

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